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I’ve seen a lot of hashtag misuse lately – mostly people finding one or two and using those exclusively – even when they don’t really fit the tweet. So I thought I’d share a few tips. I am by no means a twitter expert – just sharing a few things I’ve learned and some places you can find more information. I’m sure I’ve made my own mistakes in Hashtag Land. Hopefully these lists will help us all out.

It’s important when tweeting to use the right hashtags – you want to reach those who are looking for your info.

You can use your genre(s) (‪#‎fantasy‬ ‪#‎romance‬ ‪#‎suspense etc. – whatever category it’s published under).

You can use themes involved in your book or blog (#‎football‬‪ #‎relationships‬ ‪#‎addiction).

You can create your own or use one for a particular feature on your blog or books which I do for my #‎AuthorsGiveBack‬ segment on my personal blog.

You can target a specific audience that you want to reach (#‎writers‬ ‪#‎authors‬ ‪#‎indies‬‪#‎parents‬ ‪#‎kids) – for instance by using #kids, you’ll reach parents/adults looking for items, ideas, or articles for their children.

It doesn’t have to be just for writers though. If you’re writing ABOUT a topic – do a google search on “hashtag for xyz” – whatever you need a hashtag for.

The whole idea of the hashtag is to make it easier to reach those that would benefit from your tweet. I’m going to share a few links below to hashtag suggestion articles/lists. Feel free to post any you rely on in the comments section.

I would encourage you to make sure you really understand the hashtag you’re using so you don’t irritate people by using one incorrectly. If you’re not certain – go to twitter and enter the hashtag (for instance: #writers) in the search box and see how everyone else is using it.

Some of these links will have suggestions which over-lap, but they may have ones not on other lists as well. Happy hashtag hunting!

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