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This is a blog post from January 2012. I thought I’d share it here for those that haven’t seen either my ruminations on fears an author faces or Kate Wood’s. Don’t let fear hold you back!


This week, Kate Wood wrote about the fear that holds her back at times in her post, You Are Not Special. Now, Kate apparently confessed her secret of being scared to a friend, who then told her she wasn’t special. And, although I think Kate is special in her own abilities and talents (btw…she’s waaayyy talented — check out her blog — I love her Celtic posts!), she certainly isn’t special when it comes to the fear that every writer has. Okay. I guess I don’t know EVERY writer. But, any time that I’ve talked to one of my writer friends/acquaintances about this soul-sucking anxiety that seems to encompass me at times, I come away as feeling not very special myself.

What Are You Afraid Of? (Photo by Zen Sutherland at flickr)

I even wrote an article about this phenomenon published by Vision: A Resource for Writers (Vision publishes once a quarter and always has tons of useful information. You should check it out.) entitled ….

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